Custom Residential

We want you to live in a home that is your sanctuary, where you can get away from the world. When it comes to building your home, we like to ditch the devices and actually talk to you in person and listen to what you have to say. That way, we can build the sanctuary that is perfect for you

To improve the building experience for our clients, our field team utilizes project management software designed to encourage active client participation during the construction process. Check in on construction progress, initiate changes, review and approve material selections are just a few features that improve transparency and  collaboration.  

Mixed-Use Multi-Family

As more people move to the Triangle (it IS a great place to live, after all), the choice to build multi-family housing will become more popular. We’ve seen the influx of new residents move to the triangle area. With the increase in population and limited supply of real estate, invariably a vertical building trend will become a popular choice for urban areas.

Multi-family buildings are inherently technical and come with a host of complexities. Larger projects can see upwards of 200 men on-site during peak construction. Weekly coordination meetings coupled with robust safety and quality control plans, are key factors in achieving safe and accurate work practices.

Each project includes in own unique set of challenges. Through collaborative partnerships, teamwork and valued trade partners, we embrace an approach that encourages teamwork across each discipline and trade organization.

Green Building

We want our world to be beautiful for our kids and grandkids.  We understand construction activities can generate excessive waste if not properly monitored. To help reduce the number of trips to landfills, we monitor construction waste to ensure recyclable materials are sorted and delivered to recycling centers.

When feasible, we choose sustainable materials that are more durable and have fewer chemicals. By incorporating sustainable building practices, there are economic savings, environmental improvements, and healthier buildings as a result.